You run your own business and, like most owner managers, you’re brilliant at what you do.

Deciding business strategies, setting time management priorities and managing the jungle of distractions are however unlikely to be your core strengths! That’s where I can help.

Some really dependable help with strategic thinking and planning at director level could be crucial to the survival of your business … no matter how brilliant its products and services.

This is not a full-time job, thank goodness as a senior manager would set you back £60k+ or a partnership share. And it’s not the sort of thing a coach, non-exec or accountant can deal with – far too hands on for that.

The answer is to bring in a part-time freelancer with bags of experience of developing SMEs. I’ve been self-employed since 1981 and trained/coached hundreds of other owner managers. Now I prefer to work more closely with no more than 3 businesses at a time.

Let’s see how this could work for you.