A Few Details

A typical arrangement involves 8 “power hours” a month. We meet for 90 minutes to 2 hours twice a month to chew over the real priorities, and we both take away key jobs that need doing. That’s the major difference between my service and a traditional coach or non-exec.

Between meetings, we have contact as necessary by telephone/email, and get on with the tasks we have agreed. The timing is very flexible – typically we will use more than 8 hours a month at the start, and sometimes less later on, but it all evens out. We will soon arrive at a contract that makes sense.

My hourly rate for a 3 month rolling contract is just £30/hour.

If you wanted to come at this more cautiously, I also offer 90 minute sessions at my premises (or over the phone) @ £120 (£75 if paid when booking).

My clients have commonly said the result of my interventions is that they feel clearer what to do – both personally and professionally, and more confident about taking big decisions. This removes the principal causes of stress.

Let’s see how this could work for you.